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Purposes and Objectives of the NSSPPA

  • To provide a mechanism for communication among sweet sorghum producers and processors concerning common interests in cane production, harvesting, transporting, crushing, processing, containerizing and marketing.
  • To provide a mechanism for the sweet sorghum industry to express its common needs and interests to researchers, extension workers, government officials and regulators, suppliers of equipment materials, and servicers, buyers and consumers.
  • To provide, in cooperation with the Land Grant Universities, State Departments of Agriculture, USDA and Government Regulatory Agencies, for effective distribution of educational information to all interested parties.
  • To act as an advisory body for all activities related to sweet sorghum. To provide for development of enforceable standards for sweet sorghum quality, composition and labeling which will receive support from all major components of the sweet sorghum industry.
  • To facilitate continued development of the sweet sorghum industry.
  • To undertake in a timely manner any lawful activity, which is supported by the association membership, designed to promote the best interests of the sweet sorghum industry.  

NSSPPA Leadership

  • Executive Secretary - James Baier, Tennessee, 931-260-3110,  
  • President -  Terry Norwood, Mississippi, 601-573-2805,  
  • Vice-President – Danny Townsend, Kentucky, 859-498-4142, 
  • Secretary - Bradley Fox, North Carolina, 828-312-0638,  
  • Treasurer - Mark Guenther, Tennessee, 931-445-6309,  
  • Richard Warfford, North Carolina, 336-659-6879,    
  • Roy Boeglin, Indiana, 812-768-6176,   
  • Austin Kramer, Iowa, 641-594-4369,  
  • Terry Hughes, Georgia, 706-379-3883,   
  • Jimmy Ross, Kentucky, 606-739-8097,  
  • Larry Clabough, Tennessee, 865-640-6014,  
  • Phil Parker, Arkansas, 870-578-9251,  



Front row, left to right, Terry Norwood, Terry Hughes, Austin Kramer, Bradley Fox, Mark Guenther, and Richard Warfford
Back row, left to right, Phil Parker, Larry Clabough, Danny Townsend, Roy Boeglin, Jimmy Ross, and Jim Baier  
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