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Individuals, firms, partnerships, corporations or associations who produce process or market sorghum syrup or who has a direct interest in the sorghum industry may become a member of the NSSPPA.

Classes of members:

  • Voting Member - Any person who is an actual producer or processor of sweet sorghum shall be eligible to become a member of the Association. This may be an individual or a farm. Each paid membership has one vote.
  • Associate Member - Any firm, partnership, corporation, association, agency, or educational institution who has a direct interest in sweet sorghum and who will support the objectives of the Association shall be eligible to become an Associate Member.
  • Producer Supporter (Non-member) - Any person who is an actual producer or processor of sweet sorghum but cannot be a voting member due to religious or personal reasons shall be eligible to become a Producer Supporter.

All classes of members shall be privileged to attend the annual meetings and to participate in all affairs and activities of the Association, but only Members who have paid dues prior to the annual meeting shall be privileged and qualified to vote. All members and supporters shall be entitled to receive all mailings, literature, and periodicals.


  • Members - $25 per year
  • Associate Members - $25 per year
  • Producer Supporter (non member) - $25 per year

Dues will be used to further the objectives of the Association. The annual dues and monies derived from other sources, if any, not used by the corporation for current operations, will be available for educational work, research and market development.

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Logo Use & Restriction
Concern about the abundance of "blended" and imitation "sorghum" labeled as pure, prompted the National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association to develop this logo whereby the use of this symbol assures the consumer of a pure, unadulterated product.

Each NSSPPA member displaying this emblem has complied with the association's quality guidelines. 

The logo, along with the member's identification number, gives sorghum an identity and separates it from all other syrups in the marketplace.  It permits the consumer to purchase with confidence.

To receive information about this logo, contact:

James Baier, Executive Secretary
PO Box 1356
Cookeville, TN  38503-1356
Phone:  931-260-3110

To apply to use the Logo:

Fill out the Logo Application Form
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