Classified Ads

If you would like to place a classified ad for sorghum or syrup production equipment and goods, contact James Baier at 931-260-3110 or

For Sale:  New Horizontal Roller Mills ranging in capacity from 10 to 1,000 gallons per hour and new Vertical Roller Mills with up to 35 gallons per hour capacity.  For more information contact Don West at 713-849-6825 ext. 111 or for a faster response email your requirements to or visit

For Sale:  A Bluegrass #4 cane mill.  It is approximately 70% restored.  Price is $1600 OBO.  Contact Chris Haney at 812-221-4163

For Sale:  A Chattanooga No. 12 one horse mill along with an electric motor, gear reduction system and a small stainless steel juice tank.  Pictures of the mill are below.  Contact Jeremy Dowlen at 423-314-0848 or 423-509-8756.  Address is 6032 Levi Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37415   For Sale:  Horizontal mechanical tension 3-roll mill (18" x 24" Wide) with 20 HP electric over hydraulic drive.    Used for many years to produce sorghum and sugarcane syrup - demonstrated juice extraction of 500+  Contact Maury Radin, 901-277-2244 or

For Sale: Sorghum Syrup - Contact Richard Wittgreve, 920-876-2182

For Sale: Eureka 1A cane mill, $7,000.00.  (Pictures below.) Set up for 6" billets. Can remove the tumbler and 4th roller to feed full stalks. Richard W. 920-876-2182.